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How to Find the Perfect Dental Home for Your Family

Selecting a pediatric dental home for your family can be difficult, but it’s absolutely necessary. Luckily, we’re here to make that process as simple as possible, and have outlined how to find the perfect dental home for your family. Find a Dentist Near Your Home  Life is much easier for busy families when they live […]

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Why Children Need the Specialized Care of a Pediatric Dentist

Parents spend a lot of time searching for the right pediatrician to care for their child’s health. When looking for the right dentist for your child, we suggest finding a pediatric dentist to care for their oral health. Here’s why parents should choose a pediatric dentist – rather than a general dentist. Extensive Training – Just for Children’s Teeth Pediatric dentists have had 2-3 years […]

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What is a Tongue-Tie or Lip-Tie?

An ankyloglossia, also called a “tongue-tie” or “lip-tie,” is a common condition that effects nearly 1 in 10 newborns. The condition restricts tongue movement, and can impede a newborn from adequately nursing. If left untreated, a tongue-tie and lip-tie can lead to other disease, and can affect how facial muscles develop. Luckily, most many pediatric dentists can quickly treat tongue-ties and lip-ties in young children.  A Common Condition A tongue-tie […]

The Stinky Truth about Children’s Halitosis 

Did you know that halitosis (bad breath) affects 50% of Americans every year? Children and adults can get bad breath from a variety of causes, most of which are minor and easily fixed. In fact, nearly 90% of all cases of halitosis are due to poor oral hygiene habits. Below are some common things that can contribute to children’s halitosis. […]

Keep Your Child in Class by Fighting the Tooth Decay Epidemic 

Did you know that students with oral health problems are three times more likely to miss school? Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions in children with over 60% of children age 5 having already had at least one cavity. Tooth decay is painful and distracting, and can cause your child to lose focus in school or even prevent them from participating in the […]

Is Your Child Flossing the Right Way? 

Flossing is an important part of getting a healthy smile and keeping cavities and gum disease away. Yet, it is entirely possible to floss the wrong way – and damage your teeth in the process. Below, we cover why flossing is important, and a few common flossing mistakes. Brushing Only Does So Much Flossing removes plaque buildup […]

Oral Piercings Present Real Dangers to Teens

Oral piercings are popular among teenagers, and are surprisingly common. Surveys of adolescents and young adults (age 13 – 29) report that 25% to 35% have a body piercing at a site other than the ear lobe. Despite the trendiness of body art, oral piercings can cause a variety of serious consequences that teenagers and […]

Picking the Perfect Dental Home for Your Child

Choosing a primary doctor or dentist for your child can be a hard and confusing process. So, how can you choose the right dentist for your children? We’ve outlined a few reasons why pediatric dentists are the absolute best choice to be your kids’ dental home. Pediatric Dentists Make Office Visits Fun Pediatric dental offices […]