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Common Questions:

The map appears to be wrong. What can I do?
Your map listing locations are provided by Google. does not provide the mapping service to place your location on the map and has no control over its placement. If your practice is showing up at the wrong location, contact Google Maps here.
Why can't I find one of the dentists I know is from my area?
Our directory includes listings from practicing pediatric dentists based on information we have been able to obtain or based on them opting in to the directory.  The dentist you are looking for may have inadvertently been left out, or may not have a specialty license in pediatric dentistry.  You might also try the directory for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to see if they are located there.
How can I update incorrect listing information?
If you are the dentist with an incorrect listing you may update it using one of the following links. For a basic listing, update it here. If you have a featured listing, update it here. If you are a parent, let us know what is incorrect using the form at left.
The website isn't working on my smartphone or tablet. What can I do?
If the website doesn’t work on your smartphone or tablet, please fill out the form at left with your device name and version (EX: iphone 5) as well as what page you were on and what you were doing. We may contact you for more information so please provide a valid email. manages my dental website. What is Smile Savvy? is still the same team as it was in the past.  In 2013 we made the decision to expand our business and allow to serve solely as a directory and dental resource for parents, while launching Smile Savvy as an internet marketing resource for dentists that need help with branding, websites, social media, blogs, eNewsletters, search engine optimization, local search, reviews, brochures etc. Now with two separate websites, we are able to better serve both parents and dentists.
I'm a pediatric dentist and my name isn't listed. How do I add it?
You can add your listing by visiting our Add a Listing page under the Dentists dropdown menu. We offer both Basic and Featured listings.
What is a Featured Listing?
A Featured Listing is an upgraded listing that a dentist chooses to obtain increased exposure. Their listing is given priority in the directory and they’re allowed to submit more information than a basic listing. Find out more at Smile Savvy.