girl with sign over her mouth showing cavities

Common Cavity Culprits and How Parents can Defeat Them

Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease—5 times more common than asthma, 4 times more common than childhood obesity, and 20 times more common than diabetes. Despite being so widespread, cavities are nearly entirely preventable. Parents can help their children combat childhood cavities by identifying some common causes of cavities.  1 – Poor Diet and Nutrition One of the primary […]

child with liptie hugs mother

What is a Tongue-Tie or Lip-Tie?

An ankyloglossia, also called a “tongue-tie” or “lip-tie,” is a common condition that effects nearly 1 in 10 newborns. The condition restricts tongue movement, and can impede a newborn from adequately nursing. If left untreated, a tongue-tie and lip-tie can lead to other disease, and can affect how facial muscles develop. Luckily, most many pediatric dentists can quickly treat tongue-ties and lip-ties in young children.  A Common Condition A tongue-tie […]

The Stinky Truth about Children’s Halitosis 

Did you know that halitosis (bad breath) affects 50% of Americans every year? Children and adults can get bad breath from a variety of causes, most of which are minor and easily fixed. In fact, nearly 90% of all cases of halitosis are due to poor oral hygiene habits. Below are some common things that can contribute to children’s halitosis. […]

Keep Your Child in Class by Fighting the Tooth Decay Epidemic 

Did you know that students with oral health problems are three times more likely to miss school? Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions in children with over 60% of children age 5 having already had at least one cavity. Tooth decay is painful and distracting, and can cause your child to lose focus in school or even prevent them from participating in the […]

More important than you think: Picking your Child’s Perfect Toothbrush

Often overlooked and under considered, it is vital that you take the time to buy the right toothbrush for your child. By selecting the proper toothbrush, you can help your child obtain a healthier smile with ease and comfort. Below are some smart shopping guidelines to consider when buying your child’s next toothbrush. Size The toothbrush head should be […]

Is Your Child Flossing the Right Way? 

Flossing is an important part of getting a healthy smile and keeping cavities and gum disease away. Yet, it is entirely possible to floss the wrong way – and damage your teeth in the process. Below, we cover why flossing is important, and a few common flossing mistakes. Brushing Only Does So Much Flossing removes plaque buildup […]

Enamel Erosion and How to Avoid It 

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body and the first line of defense against cavities and tooth decay. Despite its strength, tooth enamel can be eroded by acid, and leave your teeth susceptible to cavities. But, you can take some simple steps to avoid tooth enamel erosion, and strengthen your teeth. What Causes Enamel […]

Can Cavities Lead to Other Disease? 

The World Health Organization reports that worldwide, 60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities. But, did you know that cavities could leave you more prone to other illnesses? Read about the correlation between cavities and other diseases below. Tooth Decay Can Make You More Prone to Infection Severe cavities and tooth decay are major causes of […]