Show Me Your Smile!: A Visit to the Dentist (Dora the Explorer)

It’s time for Dora’s checkup at the dentist. A great book to prepare your little one for a first visit to the dentist .

Growing Up Cavity Free: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention

An informative how to guide on raising children with healthy teeth.  It includes tips on choosing a dentist and understanding orthodontics.

Look Mom…No Cavities! – How to Raise a Cavity-Free Child

A guide on raising your kids free of cavities. It is also a great resource for dentists and pediatricians. The book is written to answer many questions parents have about dentistry.

Barney Goes to the Dentist

A full-color book of Barney showing that going to the dentist is fun!


Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

The Berenstain Bears go to the dentist and learn that it isn’t as bad as they thought.


I’m Going to the Dentist; Pop-Up Book

A fun pop-up book with great help on preparing for the dentist.


Just Going to the Dentist

A story of Little Critter going to get a full dental check-up. He gets through it with no pain and has a good time while doing it.



Going to the Dentist

Mr. Rogers gives an honest look into a visit to the dentist.


Open Wide: Tooth School Inside

A story following a school of teeth and their day. The teeth say the pledge, give presentations and go to lunch and have food fights. Unfortunately, they don’t want to brush, but a class lesson about tooth decay gets them brushing and flossing in no time. This is cheerful and fun book on taking care of your teeth.

My Dentist Makes Me Smile

A fun activity book to color to learn more about going to the dentist.


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