About Us

The Transformation of Dentists4kids.comDentists4kids.com was founded in 2000 by a group of pediatric dental professionals. We partner with pediatric dentists in educating parents, care-givers, teachers and children on the importance of proper health care and prevention methods. Our goal is to foster a national reference network and communication tool connecting pediatric dentists, parents and the entire pediatric community.

What is Dentists4kids.com?

Dentists4kids.com stands as the world’s largest Internet resource for pediatric dentistry, and helps patients connect with pediatric dentists in their local neighborhood. Dentists4Kids.com is a comprehensive database that is searchable by city or zip code, and contains nearly 100% of all U.S. Pediatric Dentists.

It is also an educational resource for parents and kids that provides families with well-researched information about popular topics in pediatric dentistry. Each of our blog posts is backed-up by research primarily derived from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry – or AAPD, and offers approachable advice that is both practical and easy-to-understand.

Listing Options

There are two types of listings on Dentists4kids.com – Basic and Featured.

Basic Listings

Basic Listings are complimentary listings on our directory that only show a dental practice’s address and phone number. Basic Listings are 100% free and easy to add onto Dentists4Kids.com.

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Featured Listings

Featured Listings offer a much more powerful benefit for dental practices wanting to be found on top of local searches. They get priority placement, personalized listing pages and review building tools including Review Pro Lite, a product of Smile Savvy. This all helps persuade potential new patients to visit a dental practice with a Featured Listing. Featured Listings on Dentists4Kids.com are available for a small yearly fee.

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Our History

Dentists4Kids.com was found in 2000, by President, CEO and Co-founder, Julie Fields. At the time, Julie had been a business manager for a group of pediatric dentists for over 20 years, and decided that she wanted to better serve patients and pediatric dentists by utilizing the Internet to connect them. With the help of her Co-founders, Julie and her team designed their “dream directory” and educational website. Dentists4Kids.com grew remarkably fast, and soon Julie had to leave her job to manage the new business full time.

Since 2000, our team has served over 1,500 pediatric dental practices in 48 states and 6 countries.

In 2013, Smile Savvy was formed to completely focus on the extensive digital marketing needs of pediatric dentists, so that Dentists4Kids.com could exclusively function as a pediatric dental directory. Smile Savvy provides dentists with comprehensive solutions for both online and offline marketing in a constantly evolving landscape, and currently serves over 40% of pediatric dentists nationwide.